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English Summary

The Women‘s Health Center

  • was founded in 1992 by a group of female students and physicians.
  • is part of the international women‘s health movement.
  • is member of the Austrian Network of Women’s Health Centers − 7 member organizations.

The Women´s Health Center …

  • is funded by the City of Graz, the Styrian governement  and the federal government
  • Budget € 500.000 annually
  • 15 staff members (9,25 full time equivalent)

 Women’s Health

Many women’s health needs differ from those of men:

  • Women specific health issues such as menstruation, pregnancy and childbirth, menopause
  • Health issues which differ in symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation between women and men such as heart attacks
  • Health issues more often in women e.g. depression, eating disorders, health impacts of domestic violence
  • Gender specific role: women are responsible for the health and wellbeing of their children, partners, for the elder generation
  • Social determinants of health: women are more likely to live under poor conditions, have less power positions in society, suffer from the
    burden of multiple roles − lack of reconciliation between family and working life

Our mission is …
… to empower women and girls in all stages of life to strengthen their health and wellbeing – individual level.
… to put women’s and girls’ health on the political agenda and to work for gender specific health services and for a gender specific health care system – structural level

We work with

  • women and girls regardless of Age, Race, sexual orientation, Socio-economic and educational status, cultural and religions background
  • self-help groups
  • professionals within the educational, social and health care sector
  • collaborating partners such as NPOs, healthcare providers, health insurance companies, counseling and information centers, regional, national and international networks, political representatives, funding administrations, Media, communities


  • puberty
  • menopause
  • hormone treatments
  • breast changes
  • mammography
  • early cancer diagnosis
  • pap-smears
  • ovarian cysts
  • hysterectomy
  • sexualities
  • contraceptive methods for women and girls
  • menstrual pains and premenstrual syndrome
  • planned and unplanned pregnancy
  • prenatal diagnosis
  • depression, anxiety and panic attacks
  • legal counseling on medical malpractice
  • patients’ rights


  • women specific supportive approach taking into consideration women’s conditions and roles in society
  • singular consultancy in crisis
  • ongoing psychotherapy
  • focus on elder women, girls, eating disorders, depression, women who experienced violence
  • psychotherapy with translation is also possible

Presentations, workshops, courses

  • sexuality
  • beauty ideals and eating disorders
  • contraception, pregnancy, menopause, mammography
  • training for mental health
  • self management program for chronic conditions
  • Qi gong
  • How to find reliable health information?

… and

  • escorting to outpatient departments and physicians
  • independent, patient oriented and evidence-based information
  • brochures
  • library
  • statements
  • website
  • awareness campaigns
  • referrals
  • free pregnancy testing

For multipliers

  • expertise, information and services concerning women’s health issues
  • trainings and workshops for multipliers, women and men, in the fields of
  • eating disorders
  • sex education for girls
  • health consequences of violence
  • health literacy and health competency

Consultancy in gender specific health care

  • for women specific health care
  • health promoting projects
  • advocacy for women’ s and girls’ health interests and women and girl oriented health structures through networking
  • actively participating in work groups, cooperations and decision-making bodies
  • head of the Advisory Board for Women’s Health of the Styrian Health Platform
  • networking and cooperation with women’s health practitioners, women’s groups, health professionals, researchers, community members, policy makers and health
  • public relations and outreach

Services for elder women

  • Qigong for women 60+: One meeting once a week, ten weeks long, 75 minutes, beginners and advanced, Irmfried Skerbisch
  • Stay healthy and fit till old age: once a week, 60 minutes, Rosemarie Koban
  • Wildrosen – group for women 55+: every fortnight, self-choosen topics

Chronic Disease Self-Management Program
two and a half hours once a week, six weeks long, facilitated by two trained leaders

  • techniques to deal with problems such as frustration, fatigue, pain and isolation
  • exercises for maintaining and improving strength, flexibility and endurance
  • appropriate use of medications
  • communicating effectively with family, friends, and health professionals
  • Nutrition
  • how to evaluate new treatments

Other Services

  • counseling, Psychotherapy
  • escorting to outpatient departments and physicians
  • pilot trough the health care system
  • presentation on patients rights
  • health information
  • library
  • the Women’s Health Center takes part in the Bord of Graz for Senior Citizens